Hers, Unleashed

Chapter 1

Kaitlyn strode through the sliding glass doors, her heart singing an aria. A gentle, artificial voice greeted her, “Welcome to New Elysium, the ultimate interstellar pet agency.”

The only place to get an alien companion on Silenia; Kaitlyn couldn’t believe she was here. And damn, she was late. She glanced at her wristband, cringing at the displayed numbers. What a way to make a first impression with her pet.

The lobby was packed with people engaged in animated discussions while standing in line for the receptionist. Kaitlyn knew they all wanted an alien pet, but she was the lucky lady who had one waiting for her.

She pushed through the crowd, ignoring the protests from her fellow citizens. “My name’s Kaitlyn Bennett,” she told the receptionist as soon as she reached his desk, interrupting his conversation with another client. “I have an appointment with Ms. Danek.”

The sweating receptionist motioned at a door behind him. “Ms. Bennett, welcome. You’re late. Through that door, please.”

Kaitlyn became aware of the grumpy, envious gazes fixed on her and weaved her way out of the lobby.

“When can I get an appointment with Ms. Danek?” she heard another client demand the receptionist. “I’ve been requesting a pet for months!”

Kaitlyn knew what the other citizens were going through. A pet was the most coveted status symbol on Silenia. Last year, anyone with enough money could walk into a training center and buy an alien for life, but things had changed. The old pet training industry had been declared unethical and illegal. Halina “Holly” Danek, the initiator of the revolution, now ran a different kind of pet shop. The new pets were like Ms. Danek’s own companion, Chase: humanoid aliens and hybrids who consented to being pets. Unlike before, they weren’t sold for life. The new owner-pet contract was only temporary, after which the pet was free to go.

The new system suited Kaitlyn just fine, the only problem being the demand for pets was multiple times larger than the willing supply. In earlier times, getting a pet was simply a question of money. Now, it was a question of money and stupendous luck. Very few new pets were available, and they now had the right to choose who was allowed to buy them. Silenians were required to fill out numerous questionnaires concerning their looks, personality, financial status, sexual preferences…just so they could spend a small fortune on buying themselves a companion for a limited time. Most Silenians had been euphoric when Ms. Danek set her pet free at the wrestling arena in front of a live audience, but once the new reality settled in, many became disenchanted.

Kaitlyn never believed in her chances of getting a pet. By Silenian standards, she was neither rich nor remarkably beautiful, not that she cared. She was happy with her pet-less life in general, but she yearned, more than anything, to fulfill her greatest fantasy—sex with an alien. But the other people applying for a sex pet were upper class Sky Domers: rich heiresses or people working for the mining companies, whereas she was nothing but a young security guard from Earth Dome 201. Why would any alien care about her when better pet owners were available?

With nothing to lose, she’d filled out the application anyway, and submitted it to New Elysium, the only pet shop on Silenia after the revolution. She decided to be bold and offered 30,000 credits for a three-month contract, believing she would have to either raise the price or shorten the time before any alien would even deign to look at it. She almost fell off her chair when only a few days later she received a message from Ms. Danek in person, saying she had found a match for Kaitlyn.

Are you kidding me? An alien picked my profile from tens of thousands of others?

Ms. Danek had included a photo and a brief description of the male in question in her message to Kaitlyn. He was a hybrid, it said, with human, Crasnian and Lizardian blood. Crasnians closely resembled humans, only they were bigger, physically stronger, and had red eyes. Kaitlyn saw the hybrid’s Crasnian heritage dominated his appearance, even though his eyes were brown. He posed wearing only a loincloth in the full body shot, staring at the camera. The expression on his scarred face was alert but stoic, similar to that of a warrior waiting for a call to battle. His body was packed with muscle, unbelievably chiseled, his broad torso covered in alien tattoos. Everything about him screamed battle-hardened male. Kaitlyn leaned into the screen, trying not to drool. She would have been fine with someone anatomically less impressive, but clearly it was her lucky day.

This unbelievable male has chosen me?

She couldn’t wait to meet him in person and get to know him better. Ms. Danek wanted to know if she found the hybrid suitable. Kaitlyn couldn’t type YES fast enough.

Where do I sign? When can I pick him up?

Ms. Danek replied with a time and date, and Kaitlyn received this message while on patrol. She took her job seriously, but she couldn’t help stopping in her tracks and letting out a squeal. Her partner, Brent, gave her a surprised look.

She glanced around at their surroundings to make sure citizens passing by couldn’t hear. “That was Halina Danek,” she told Brent. “I’m getting my pet the day after tomorrow.”

His eyebrows shot up. “Are you serious? Every person on the planet dreams about a pet, and you got one in under a week?”

“I know,” Kaitlyn agreed, fanning herself. “What are the odds? This is…I don’t know…like throwing a stone and hitting a bird, and then the bird de-feathers itself and lands on your dinner plate, roasted and ready.”

“So what kind of roast are you getting?” he wanted to know.

She showed him the photo, saved on her wristband. Brent’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “By the domes! I’d have a piece of that.”

She grinned and flicked the photo out of sight. “Not sharing, sorry. You have to apply for your own.”

Now, Kaitlyn was in Sky Dome One, the planet’s capital, which she had never even visited before. She walked down the marble hallway, a happy spring in her stride, wondering which way was Ms. Danek’s office. A male staff member came running after her.

“Ms. Bennett? My apologies. I was supposed to meet you in the lobby, but we’re a little overwhelmed here.”

“It’s okay,” she replied. “I’m late, too. Which way am I supposed to go?”

“This way, please.”

The flustered man led her to an elevator. Ten floors up, he showed her into a vast office with a view of the central square of Sky Dome One. A dark-haired woman sat behind the desk, typing industriously. She was beautiful in a corporate leader kind of way, dressed in a tailored suit, her hair up in an elegant knot. A tall male hybrid wearing a dark bodyguard’s suit stood behind her, arms crossed. Kaitlyn recognized them. The woman was Holly Danek, and the bodyguard was Chase, her devoted pet and protector. Kaitlyn took note of the broad leather collar around Chase’s neck, marking him as a pet, but everyone knew Chase had chosen his position.

Ms. Danek looked up from her work.

“Ms. Kaitlyn Bennett,” Kaitlyn’s attendant announced and withdrew.

“Come sit down, please,” Ms. Danek said with a smile, standing up and extending her hand over the desk.

Kaitlyn wiped her sweaty palm on her pants and shook hands with the woman. Holly Danek was a legendary figure, and about ten years Kaitlyn’s senior. She couldn’t help feeling young and insecure. She sensed Chase staring her down. Kaitlyn knew attempts of violence had been made against Ms. Danek by Traditionalists, but the perpetrators had failed to get past Chase. She had the feeling if she so much as looked at Ms. Danek funny, the hybrid would twist her into a knot.

“So you’re here for your pet,” Ms. Danek said, sitting down, and Kaitlyn followed suit. Chase remained standing behind his Mistress like a statue. “You have read the contract in detail?”

“Yes. I assure you that I’m going to take the best care of him.”

“Good. Your contract is for three months,” Ms. Danek explained. “You have agreed to pay 30,000 credits for getting to use him as a pet for that time.”

“Correct. What’s his name?”

“He wants his owner to name him, just like in the old days. This hybrid is determined to learn our customs.”

“I see.” Kaitlyn was impressed.

“He gets half the money, to be paid at the end of his stay with you. The other half is for New Elysium. We’re working on expanding this business as fast as possible. Silenians want aliens, and we’re trying to find as many as we can.”

“I’m glad to hear that. A lot of people back home are eager to have an alien companion, but don’t feel they stand a chance. I hope more aliens will be coming to Silenia soon.”

Ms. Danek smiled. “We’re doing our best. I’m afraid our society might still be too strange for most aliens.”

Kaitlyn nodded, understanding. The revolution on Silenia had banned the abduction of aliens, but it hadn’t changed the fact that Silenians still wanted to have their pet fantasies. Aliens couldn’t simply land on Silenia and stroll around unattended. They had to go through New Elysium to be matched with an owner. It was the same game as before, only now it was consensual.

“You plan to use your pet for sex?” Ms. Danek asked.

Kaitlyn’s cheeks grew hot, although sex was nothing to be ashamed of. “That’s right.”

“You’ll need to discuss the terms of sex with him in person. He has the right to refuse, even after you’ve bought him.”

“Of course.” Sex with pets had always been based on the pet’s consent, even prior to the revolution. Kaitlyn hoped her male would be eager for the experience.

“We have performed the standard medical examination. The hybrid is in good shape and doesn’t carry any diseases. Do you find this acceptable?”


“I take it for granted that you’re observing your birth control routine as well as the standard health check-ups.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Good. If you don’t have any questions, then how about I introduce you?” Ms. Danek pushed her chair back to stand, but her bodyguard leaned over her shoulder to whisper in her ear. She nodded and turned her attention back to Kaitlyn. “Oh yeah, one more thing. We don’t have the means to do extensive background checks on the aliens. We haven’t had any trouble yet, but there’s always the chance the aliens who come here have bad intentions. Be careful with your pet until you get to know him better. Make sure you’re the one holding the reins.”

“I’ll be careful,” Kaitlyn assured her.

She was a security guard and passionate about her job. She would be able to handle one pet just fine.

“Get in contact with us if there’s any trouble.”

“I will.”

Ms. Danek showed Kaitlyn through a side door to the next room. “Mistress Bennett is here to see you,” she called out.

The room’s centerpiece was a large, brightly lit glass exhibit. The hybrid occupying the exhibit stood up and came up to the glass.

By the domes!

He was bigger in real life than she had thought, a hulking monster with broad shoulders and enormous biceps, like an alien gladiator. Desire coiled inside her as she took in his appearance.

She took note of the fact that he waited in silence, his gaze lowered, like a well-trained pet. He kept his big hands at his sides, not clenched, but not quite relaxed either.

I think he’s a bit nervous to meet me…

Excitement tickled her. She couldn’t wait to examine him more closely.

“You have a cage ready for him in your apartment, right?” Ms. Danek asked.

Kaitlyn struggled to focus. “Yes, of course.” She had an urge to squeal and dance, but she wanted to act professional in front of Ms. Danek, and especially in front of the gorgeous pet.

“Good. Go ahead and say hello. Once you’ve looked at him and approved, I’ll give you the contract for both of you to sign.”

Kaitlyn cleared her throat. “How closely may I take a look?”

“As closely as you’d like,” Ms. Danek replied. “The cage door is unlocked. You can go inside, but I’ve instructed him to stay put. He won’t come out unless you put the collar on him and claim him as yours.”

Kaitlyn saw a black leather collar and a matching leash on a table outside the cage.

“I’ll be in the next room,” Ms. Danek said, turning to go. “Remember, you haven’t signed anything yet. If he’s not to your liking, come and say so, and we’ll try to find you someone else. But I have to warn you: it can take a long time before we find a new match.”

Kaitlyn barely heard her, unable to stop staring at the hybrid. Despite his quiet, submissive stance he looked so masculine she thought her panties might melt. The sound of the door closing behind Ms. Danek snapped her out of it. She couldn’t just accept the hybrid blindly; she had to make sure he was indeed right for her.

All right. Let’s see then…

She grabbed the collar and leash, and slipped into the cage. The hybrid didn’t react to her entering. He remained facing the glass even with her beside him. She shifted closer and put her hand on his abs. They were just as hard as they looked, the feel of them giving her a pleasant quiver in her belly. He didn’t move a muscle. Kaitlyn was impressed. She hadn’t expected such obedience from an untrained pet. She observed his face, but didn’t detect any sign of emotion. His eyes were open, but his gaze remained fixed to the floor. He blinked occasionally, proving he was indeed alive and not made of stone. She let her gaze linger on his broad jaw and rugged features. His face was almost square-shaped, but his beastly look appealed to her.

Kaitlyn ran her hand gently up his abs to his chest, then down his arm, marveling at its thickness.

I’m obviously the luckiest girl on Silenia…but is this really a consenting pet? He’s so well-behaved I could swear he’s been trained.

“You may look me in the eye,” she said.

He turned his head, but even though he made eye contact, his expression reflected nothing of his thoughts.

I’m not sure if that’s a good sign…

Kaitlyn frowned. She took her hand off him, pushing her excitement to the back burner. “Turn to face me.”

He did as ordered.

“Are you the real thing?” she asked. “You’re really here of your own free will?”

“Yes, Mistress Bennett,” he replied. “I want to be here.”

His gruff English bore an alien accent, indicating it wasn’t his first language, although he seemed fluent.

“And you wanted me to come and buy you?” she asked.


“Why me? You could have picked any woman on Silenia.”

I bet the others offered more money for him, too, especially the rich women from the Sky Domes.

“They showed me a lot of profiles, Mistress. I liked yours best.”

“Really? What did you like about it?”

He paused, displaying hesitation for the first time. “Everything. Apologies, Mistress, I don’t know how to explain it. I saw your profile and I knew that I wanted to serve you more than anyone else.”

Well, isn’t he sweet!

It was ridiculously wonderful to be the one selected from thousands of others by a male whose appearance matched all of her fantasies. Kaitlyn struggled not to get ahead of herself.

Stick to the checklist…

She glanced down before looking him in the eyes again. “Take off the loincloth.”

His expression remained carefully neutral as his hands went to his hip. He unclasped the cloth and pulled it away, revealing a cock that matched the rest of him, impressive even while hanging. Hot butterflies took flight in her belly. She wished she could see it hard, but getting him turned on now wouldn’t serve her purpose.

“Do you ever have difficulty getting an erection?” she asked.

After a moment of consideration, he said, “Sometimes, I guess. It’s hard to say.”

“Could you get hard for me if I asked for it?”

“I’ll perform according to your wishes, Mistress.”

Hmm. I hear duty but no desire.

“You know I’m looking for a sex pet. We haven’t signed a contract yet, so you don’t owe me anything. I want you to answer honestly. Do you find me attractive enough to have sex with me?”

He looked at her calmly. “Yes, Mistress.”

“You don’t sound eager,” she pointed out.

He looked away, his jaw tightening, then returned his gaze to her, determination in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Mistress. Your planet’s customs are new to me. I’m still trying to figure out how to behave here, but I know what you want, and I’ll do anything I can to please you. I want to please you.”

The heat in his words warmed her. Now, she believed he had a will of his own. She couldn’t wait to take him home with her.

She took a step back. “You can put the cloth back on.”

She detected a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes as he obeyed. “I hope I meet your approval, Mistress?”

Her heart melted, but she kept her tone unaffected. “You seem very promising. Ms. Danek told me that you want to be named?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ve been told it’s the custom here.”

“Well, that custom is no longer strictly observed. You can tell me your real name.”

“You’d find it hard to pronounce. I’d rather have my Mistress give me a name that she likes best.”

Where did Ms. Danek find this delightful piece of work?

She smiled. “Very well. Your name is Roth.”

Roth was the name of the imaginary alien she fantasized about every night.

“Roth,” he repeated, and nodded with approval. “Good. My name is Roth.”

“Do you like the name?”

“Yes, Mistress. Short and strong. I’m proud to have such a name.”

“May I put the collar on you?”

In truth, she wanted to leap on him, collar him, and drag him out of the cage without asking, but managed to hold herself back.

He bowed his head to give her better access. “Please do, Mistress.”

Kaitlyn reached around his neck. She would get to walk him on a leash. This would be a stupendous amount of fun.

“Ms. Danek has told you how our society works, right?” she asked him as she buckled the thick leather collar.

“Yes, Mistress. I understand the basics, but you’ll have to teach me more.”

“I’m unsure what to teach you. The old rules have changed, and I’ve never had a pet before.”

“I encourage you to treat me like you would’ve treated a pet in the old days.”


“Yes, Mistress. I want to play my part right.”

She grinned as she checked that his collar was snug but not too tight. “I can’t wait to take you home with me.”

“I’m honored, Mistress.”

She wrapped his leash around her hand. “Come along then. Let’s go sign the contract and head out.”

Roth followed obediently as she walked him out of the cage and into Ms. Danek’s office. Kaitlyn wanted to dance with joy. She had a pet! He was on a leash and all hers for the next three months. It was a dream come true.

“You like him?” Ms. Danek asked her, busily typing on her VR screen without looking up. Kaitlyn assured her Roth was exactly what she wanted.

Ms. Danek nodded. “Excellent.” She pointed at a data pad laid out on the desk. “Sign here and here.”

Kaitlyn signed the electronic contract, her heart giving a leap as she watched Roth do the same. His signature was a simple, big handprint.

He’s mine!

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